Ukraine Sovereignty Fund is a US-based non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a singular focus – to procure, coordinate, and deliver key supplies and services to those who are fighting for their lives on the streets of Ukrainian cities. Through our extensive operational and logistics experience and deep local network in Ukraine, we are uniquely positioned to achieve that goal.

Working closely with former Ukrainian colleagues turned field commanders, friends turned war-time medics, and family members turned evacuation coordinators; we are gathering required supplies to fulfill shipments directly to Ukrainian regions, cities, and organizations in need.

Please join us in our mission to help Ukraine win the war, their sovereignty, their freedom, and their lives.

What We Do

Leveraging our extensive network in Ukraine, coupled with our 7+ years in the transportation logistics industry, we are working with an established network of local fighters, volunteers, and organizations to identify, procure, deliver, and distribute necessary supplies and services.

Working with a dedicated network of trusted suppliers, partners in Poland, and coordinators in Ukraine, we are able to pinpoint and ship, and distribute goods directly to the specific areas, military units, and local organizations in need.


Medical & First Aid

Food & Water

Military & Tactical Gear

Clothing & Electronics


Transportation & Evacuation

Temporary Housing

Refugee Relocation

Job Search Support

About Us

Our founders are intimately connected to Ukraine and its people. Born in the former Soviet Union, operating a large-scale organization in Kyiv, and collaborating with talented professionals across IT, logistics, and the arts; Ukrainians are our families, our friends, and our colleagues.

We have the necessary operational, technical, and logistical skills, coupled with our deep network, to raise funds, procure the right goods and services, and deliver to the areas in need!

Lev Krasnopolskiy - Ukraine Sovereignty Fund President


As co-founder of Everest Transportation Systems - a transportation brokerage, Lev has extensive logistics experience. Needing a highly educated team and a hub, he ambitiously opened an office in Kyiv. What began with 5 people, grew into a 200+ person operation. He hired, trained, worked long hours, and forged close relationships with colleagues, who became close friends.

Eugene Slobodetsky - Vice President Ukraine Sovereignty Fund


Born in the Obolonskyi District of Kyiv, Eugene’s roots and connections to Ukraine run deep, with many family and friends who live in Kyiv. As a digital entrepreneur and operational executive with 15+ years experience, Eugene has worked closely with Ukrainian teams, valuing their ambition, culture, skills, and exuberance for life.

Dimitry Matt Geller - Ukraine Sovereignty Fund Secretary

D. Matt Geller - Secretary

Born in the former Soviet Union, watching the atrocities taking place in his homeland - a call to action was immediate. Professionally, Matt has been working in the Hollywood system for almost two decades either as a producer or an executive, allowing Matt to leverage his platform to broadly bring awareness to the war and the support needed.

Our Stories

While these stories are heartbreaking to watch, they are the current reality of those who lost everything due to a senseless war.

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How to Help

Please donate what you are comfortable with. Every donation is a massive help and we thank you. To donate via Zelle: support@ukrainesf.org, or click “Donate” below!

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